AI Sales Agents help SDRs save time and meet or exceed their sales quota. Let your sales reps focus their time and energy on closing revenue, while our AI Sales Agents leverage outbound engagement to build a pipeline of interested buyers.

How it works Sales Agents are powered by AI/ML and use Engage Sequences to automatically send
personalized sales emails, read prospect replies and take appropriate follow up action.

AI Sales Agents scale sales revenue, without increasing your headcount.

AI Sales Agents are members of your growing sales team. Give them a name, title, location (time zone), mailbox and profile pic.

Agents engage and follow up with unresponsive prospects.

AI Sales Agents leverage Engage Sequences, so prospect follow ups are never forgotten. Engagement continues until a prospect replies to your Agent

Agents introduce Sales Reps to qualified leads, automatically.

Agents read every email reply, immediately. When genuine buyer interest is detected, Agents will automatically follow up with your qualified lead and introduce a human sales rep.

AI Sales Agents Help SDRs Meet and Exceed Quota.
Immediate acces and no credit card required.

What can your AI Sales Agents do today?

Email Prospecting

With the right Target Account list (TAL) and messaging, cold email can be a very effective method for building the top of your sales funnel.

But, it’s impossible for a human to personally write and engage with hundreds or thousands of prospects every week. And you need volume to realize an ROI with cold email.

AI Sales Agents can get personal thousands of times per week and read hundreds of replies per minute. They’re battle tested and ideal for the front-lines of a cold email program.

Recycle stale leads

The last thing an SDR wants to hear about is anything that’s ‘old’ or ‘lost’. With a quota to meet, there’s only time for fresh interest and qualified leads.

AI Sales Agents can be tasked with the grunt work of proactively engaging with an SDR’s lost causes.

Whether it’s past webinar attendees, previously lost opportunities or leads that went radio silent last year, your trusted team of Sales Agents is ready to engage, now.

Web events

AI Sales Agents can take the lead on helping generate demand for online web events using popular platforms such as GoToWebinar, Zoom, Webex and more. Leverage web events for demand generation, onboarding new customers or to educate new prospects that are actively trialing your products.

AI Sales Agents can engage leads or customers with event invites to enroll attendees and also post-event follow ups to gauge additional buyer interest.

Connect your apps Native integrations to sync data, personalize campaigns, push intelligence, trigger outreach and so much more.
Plans and Pricing Your on-demand frontline sales team, reporting for duty

AI Sales Agents (IVA)

$99 / per month / billed annually
  • Additional AI Sales Agents (seats)
    Monthly rates per agent. Billed annually.
  • 2 - 9 seats: $99 per agent
  • 10 - 24 seats: $79 per agent
  • 25+ seats: $59 per agent
  • Included with every AI Sales Agent Plan
  • (1) AI Sales Agent
  • Reply detection + AI/ML intent detection
  • Connect a corporate mailbox
  • Send up to 1,000 emails / day / per agent
  • Engage unlimited prospects
  • Assign to unlimited Sequences
  • Salesforce and Sugar Sell connectors
  • Requires Enage Professional plan

AI Sales Team | Growth Plan

$695 / per month / billed annually
  • B2B Contact data, Sales Outreach and AI Sales Agents:
  • Engage Professional Plan + Boost AI/ML
  • 60,000 Prospect lead credits / preloaded
  • (+3) AI Sales Agents
  • Included with every AI Sales Team:
  • (+3) AI Sales Agents
  • Reply detection + AI/ML intent detection
  • Connect a corporate mailbox
  • Send up to 1,000 emails / day / per agent
  • Engage unlimited prospects
  • Assign to unlimited Sequences
  • Salesforce and Sugar Sell connectors
  • Engage Professional + Boost A/ML
Additional Features & Products Rev up the top of your funnel by identifying buyer intent and automatically engaging your prospects.
Prospect icon - access to 100+ million B2B contacts with verified work emails Engage Sales Engagement Platform

Deliver highly personalized email sales sequences, automate follow ups to drive engagement, create tasks, track replies and prospect sentiment -- using your work mailbox.

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Marketing Engagement Platform
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Automated Journey
  • Email Builder
  • Bounce Handling
  • Advanced personalization
  • Opt-out and compliance
  • Open and click tracking
  • Pages & Forms
  • A/B testing
  • Visitor tracking
  • See all features
$49 per month / starting