Salesforce + Leadfwd

When you connect with Leadfwd, you will be able automate repetitive tasks, eliminate manual data entry errors, save time and streamline your marketing and sales workflow.

Import Leads and Contacts Import all of your leads and contacts directly into Leadfwd and begin adding them to Engage Sequences and Campaigns that automate communication, follow up, and track engagement.

Sync and map CRM users Manage user roles across both platforms. User account ownership in Salesforce is automatically carried over to LeadFWD.

Revenue attribution Measure the influence of Sequences, Campaigns and Content on open sales opportunities and won opportunities. Easily build re-engagement campaigns that target lost opportunities.

Tasks Automate task creation and scheduling for sales teams at the optimal time in your buyersjourney.

Built-in Leadfwd is deployed entirely inside Salesforce for seamless access to features and reporting.

Supported objects Leadfwd bi-directional sync can automatically import and maintain Leads, Contacts, Users, Tasks, Campaign Lists and Opportunities.

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