It’s time to grow forward.

Fill your pipeline. Automate sales outreach. Drive new deal flow and close more revenue, faster.

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It’s time to grow forward. B2B Prospecting + Enrichment , Sales Engagement, ABM, Content Marketing and more. Get started Find a solution

It’s time to grow forward.

B2B Sales Prospecting + Sales Outreach and Automation = Unstoppable Growth.

  • Location
  • Industry
  • Size
  • Role
  • Email #1
    Quick intro with humor
    An opportunity to work together.
  • Email #2
    Follow up #1
    High performer on G2.
  • After 6 hours create a new call in CRM and alert owner
  • Email #3
    Follow up #2
    Left you a voicemail
  • Email #4
    Follow up #3
    Case study example
  • Email #5
    Follow up #4
    Testimonials and Use Case for Telco
  • David Henshall
    Opened your email
    CRM task created for you.
  • David Henshall
    2 pages for 00:02:42
  • David Henshall
    Read Journey Whitepaper
    6 pages for 00:06:21
  • David Henshall
    Replied to your email
    Sequence ended. Goal met.

We help build your company’s growth story.

Leadfwd was built to drive growth. Our platform promotes choice and flexibility through an array of purpose-built growth products.

There is no ‘one-size fits all’ methodology for marketing or sales, which is why our products can work individually or as an unstoppable stack.

Start your unstoppable growth journey today.

Prospect Generate pipeline instantly

Stop hunting and start selling. Prospect gives sales teams access to 100+ million B2B accounts and contacts with intelligent insights and verified email addresses. Build highly tailored target account lists, find the right decision makers and instantly engage fresh prospects today.

  • 100+ million B2B Accounts and Contacts
  • Real-time Email Verification
  • Search by industry, role, location, size and more
  • Full Intelligence profiles and insights
  • Sync to your favorite platforms
Engage Sales Engagement Platform + AI/ML

Sales reps don't have the time to personally write, send and monitor activities of hundreds of leads every day. But Engage does. Automate your sales outreach with personalized sequences that turn prospects into customers.

  • Multi-step Sequences
  • Personalization that scales
  • Automated follow-up schedule
  • Reply detection and analysis
  • Attachment and web visitor tracking
AI Sales Agents Build a Virtual Sales Team with AI/ML

AI Sales Agents perform the heavy lifting of qualifying prospects, so your sales reps can focus on what they do best, closing deals. AI Sales Agents are capable of touching hundreds of prospects every day and only interested buyers are forwarded to your sales team.

  • Scale up a front-line Sales Team in seconds
  • Personalize Sales Agent with a Name, Title, Profile Pic and Location
  • Sales Agents send email and reply from a true corporate mailbox
  • Automate OOO, Do Not Contact (DNC) and Alternate Contact Referrals
  • Sales Agents loop in human Sales Reps when leads become qualified
  • Feed fresh contacts to AI Sales Agents automatically with Prospect
Campaign Personalized Customer Journeys to drive MQL.

Campaign combines the power of Marketing Automation + ABM to help marketers find target accounts, reach those accounts with personalized content, and convert them into customers.

  • Import Target Account Lists (TAL) from Prospect, CSV or your CRM.
  • Build automated, hyper-targeted customer journey's
  • Measure and analyze funnel performance
  • Track website visits and behavior from target accounts
  • Real-time data sync, revenue attribution and sales alerts for:
Discover Reveal up to 40% of your Anonymous Visitors.

Get ahead of your competitors by identifying hidden buyers early in the sales cycle when they’re researching your brand and products. Intent-driven analytics in real-time.

  • Reveal companies (large or small) researching your brand
  • Enroll identified companies into Engage Sequences
  • Find key people, work phone and verified emails
  • Sync identified Accounts, Contacts and activity to:

Connect your apps Native integrations to sync data, personalize campaigns, push intelligence, trigger outreach and so much more.

Have questions? Leadfwd understands that "one size fits all" doesn’t apply to most sales and marketing operations

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