Reach your audience at scale with personalized marketing campaigns. Combining the power of outbound email marketing and automation, Campaign drives growth through scalable email campaigns, intelligent lead capture and automated nurturing.
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CAMPAIGN: FOR MARKETING TEAMS Deliver high-volume, targeted email blasts or
trigger hyper-personalized email journeys.

Powerful email builder Create emails using your own HTML code or use a pre-designed reponsive layout with our flexible drag n’ drop builder.
Personalization Make every email or subject-line unique and relevant using custom data fields, such as first name or profile insights like interests or location.
A/B testing Boost your email conversion rates by delivering the most optimal version of your email message to the largest segment of your targets.
Analytics suite Geography, device, browser, platform, click frequency, popular links, opens, bot detection, website page visits and so much more.
Landing pages and forms Grow your contact list with organic signup forms that can be embedded on your website with HTML code or use a secure hosted link.
Unlimited sending Connect with more prospects in a personalized way. Automate follow up emails, CRM tasks and calls, LinkedIn connections and custom reminders
Automation journey PRO Trigger a time release email series with powerful automation, when contacts meet specific rules and conditions.
Contact manager and tagging Import, manage and analyze all of your Accounts and contacts in one place. Create groups of contacts using tags or segments for advanced campaign targeting.
Unlimited inbox previews Preview your emails before sending to ensure they consistently look great in more than 60 mobile and desktop clients.
Smart segments PRO Create and target custom audiences based on custom data fields or based on tracked behavior and profile insights.
Track site visits PRO Identify email recipients and record their behavior on your website after they click-thru your emails.
Snooze PRO Reduce unsubscribe rates by giving contacts the option to temporarily snooze email deliveries for a set period of time.
Get up and running in just minutes.
Immediate acces and no credit card required.

Campaign inside your CRM Campaigns and insights delivered where your sales team already lives. The CRM.

Deliverability, trust & compliance Engage Boost automates administrative tasks using machine learning, while your sales reps focus on closing deals.

Pricing based on usage. Not database size. Select the number of contacts you would like to market to each month. Switch to yearly billing and Save 20%
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$49 / billed
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$99 / billed

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Additional Features & Products Rev up the top of your funnel by identifying buyer intent and automatically engaging your prospects.
Engage Sales Engagement Platform

Deliver highly personalized email sales sequences, automate follow ups to drive engagement, create tasks, track replies and prospect sentiment -- using your work mailbox.

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$39 starting, per month Build your unstoppable growth stack
Create and deliver highly personalized email icon Prospect Generate pipeline now

Stop hunting and start selling. Prospect gives sales teams access to 100+ million B2B contacts with fully enriched profiles and verified work emails.

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$99 starting, per month Build your unstoppable growth stack


Marketing Engagement Platform
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Automated Journey
  • Email Builder
  • Bounce Handling
  • Advanced personalization
  • Opt-out and compliance
  • Open and click tracking
  • Pages & Forms
  • A/B testing
  • Visitor tracking
  • See all features
$49 per month / starting

Connect your apps Native integrations to sync data, personalize campaigns, push intelligence, trigger outreach and so much more.