Zendesk + Leadfwd

Our Zendesk Integration allows you to leverage the data you collect about your leads and customers through the course of the support process. Support can often play a critical role in the sales process, particularly when a lead has the opportunity to trial your product ahead of a purchase.

Import Accounts and Contacts Import all of your accounts and contacts directly into Leadfwd and begin adding them to Engage Sequences and Campaigns that automate communication, follow up, and track engagement.

Enroll in Sequences or Campaigns Create automated rules to enroll contacts in Campaigns or Sequences based on support activity.

Score leads based on support Create scoring profiles based on support activities and outcomes.

Support history for sales reps Give sales reps access to their lead and customer support history, including ticket transcripts.

Visible inside CRM Works with Leadfwd CRM Connectors to deliver support data and analytics to sales and marketing teams inside Salesforce, Sugar Sell and SuiteCRM.

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