LiveChat + Leadfwd

LiveChat is a powerful chat platform that easily connects you with visitors on your web site. It's ideal for providing sales and support of your product and services quickly and efficiently.

LeadFWD connects to LiveChat to extract chat sessions with fulltranscripts. Chat sessions are parsed to identify new leads that can be automatically imported to Leadfwd and your CRM.

Sync chat sessions and create leads automatically Leadfwd will automatically sync chat sessions, identify new leads to import and attribute chat history with your contacts.

Enroll in Sequences or Campaigns Create automated rules to enroll contacts in Campaigns or Sequences based on chat sessions.

Score leads based on chat activity Create scoring profiles based on chat sessions and specific keywords.

Chat history for sales reps Give sales reps access to their lead and customer chat history.

Visible inside CRM Works with Leadfwd CRM Connectors to deliver chat insights and analytics to sales and marketing teams inside Salesforce, Sugar Sell and SuiteCRM.

Workflow Trigger productivity workflows after chat sessions are finished.

Sync leads from chat sessions to your CRM Automatically sync new leads identified in chat sessions to Salesforce, Sugar Sell or SuiteCRM.

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